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Certified Lift Technicians

According to the American Nurses Association, injuries and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) caused by manually lifting and moving patients are common among nurses and often life- altering and detail careers. Outsourcing qualified Lift Technicians decreases the number of Workers Compensation claims filed and more nurse productivity in providing compassionate, caring, comfort, safety and recovery for patients and love ones.

Lift Technician services are a preventative measure of eliminating pressure ulcers (bed sores) for bedridden or immobilized patients. Our Lift Technicians perform patient mobilization tasks along with nurses and form the lifting unit. Our technicians our highly trained to utilize proper lifting techniques, body mechanics, bio-mechanics, ergonomics and algorithms and adhere to AB1136, SPHM and hospital protocols.

HHPS Certified Lift Technicians have extensive knowledge of patient room etiquette, communicates with hospital staff and patients advising of services to be performed in a professional manner. Cumulatively, our Lift Management Team have over 20 years of experience in the health care industry and are certified to train your nursing staff and/or caregivers on best practices in safe patient handling and mobility.

Helping Hands Patient Services, LLC will custom design a safe patient handling and mobilizing program to meet the demands of your needs.

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