Personal Care

The California Occupational Safety Act of 1973 was enhanced in 2012 and now requires hospitals to provide safety devices and safeguards to ensure a safe work environment, safe patient handling and the use of lift teams resulting in a win-win situation for Californians.

Helping Hands Patient Services has identified as risk factors to efficient patient care and provides remedies for the following conditions:
• Declining physical ability of aging healthcare workforce
• Obese patients
• Caregiver errors caused by caregiver fatigue
• Pressure ulcers and infections
• Cuts, punctures and fractures

Effectively delivered lift team techniques and the use of ergonomic equipment, when combined with professionally trained bedside caregivers and clinical review are essential to ensure patient safety, recovery and satisfaction in the continuum of patients care.
HHPS’ patient services incorporates monitored techniques and effective tracking systems employed into conjunction a physician prescribed medical regimen to promote patient wellness, care and recovery.

HHPS patients and their families receive the following assurances:
• Bedside care by compassionate health care professionals
• Experienced lift team technicians will attend to your loved ones’ physical needs while you work outside of the home to provide for your families’ other financial and domestic needs.

• Peace of mind resulting from the knowledge that your loved one will not experience isolation and neglect while you are away from home.

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